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April 13, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 13, 2011 – BBQ enthusiasts across the country are firing up their grills and sharpening their knives as the 2011 competitive season officially begins. This year, more prize money, and bragging rights, are at stake as Reser’s and the Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) launch the “Reser’s American Classics Summer Series.”

Beyond Brisket: A “Spud-tacular” New Category Added

The new potato salad contest will take place as an additional category at eight certified events. The competition will kick off at the Stagecoach Music Festival BBQ Championships in California and culminate at the American Royal BBQ in Missouri.

Competitive barbeque teams will vie for nearly $10,000 in prize money and entries will be judged using KCBS standards and certified barbeque judges. For more information on the Reser’s American Classics Summer Series, or to review the event details, visit

“BBQ’s and potato salad go hand-in-hand. And, we know the best potato salad recipes are often handed down from generation to generation,” said Barbara Jordan, head chef at Reser’s. “We can’t wait to sample some of those special family recipes from across the country.”

Gaining an Edge in the Competition

Chef Barb offers the following tips for BBQ teams looking to gain a competitive edge:

  1. Think about new twists on old favorites – like adding BBQ or enchilada sauce to create a new flavor.
  2. Play with different varieties of potatoes like blue or sweet potatoes to give your salad a point of difference.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add a little meat to a salad like ham, bacon, shrimp or crab.
  4. Experiment with unusual vegetables like green beans, tomatoes or cucumbers for added flavor and texture.

KCBS Great American BBQ Tour
Reser’s is a national partner of the KCBS’s Great American BBQ Tour, a 20-stop barbeque tour that features food sampling, contests, entertainment and tips and tricks from the world of competitive barbeque. To learn more about the Great American BBQ Tour and its full schedule, visit or follow the tour on Twitter at and on Facebook at

About Reser’s

Oregon-based Reser’s is the No. 1 national brand of deli salads and side dishes in the country. Sixty years after Mildred Reser perfected her world-famous potato salad, the company now serves up a variety of comfort food classics. From picnics, to tailgaters, to holiday entertaining, Reser’s is proud to be part of the extended American family. Founded in 1950 by Earl and Mildred Reser, the company remains privately owned and operated and committed to providing delicious comfort food classics. For information, visit

About KCBS

It’s estimated that more than 5,000 teams compete on the KCBS barbeque circuit. With more than 14,500 members, KCBS has been sanctioning events and training certified barbeque judges nationwide since 1986. Using an objective, blind judging process, the society sanctions approximately 350 barbeque competitions throughout the nation each year. For more information about KCBS, visit