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March 15, 2011

Beaverton Ore. – March 15, 2011 – Ethnic and regional flavors are one of the industry’s hottest trends. Reser’s is now introducing three new east coast favorites in the deli salad category. If you grew up in Baltimore, Boston or points in between, you’ll remember the great tastes of Amish Potato Salad, Amish Macaroni Salad, and Homestyle (“White”) Potato Salad.

Each Reser’s American Classics™ deli salad item is certified Kosher and meet national standards for lower sodium content. They are available in convenient 16 ounce or party-size 3 pound tubs. Suggested retails are from $2.99 for 16 ounce to $6.99 for the 3 pound tub.

A Marriage of Regional and Comfort Foods
Ask 10 people from across the country how they like their potato salad, and you will likely receive 10 different answers.  Like barbecue sauces or soft drinks, Americans tend to prefer flavor profiles they were raised on, and typically these vary widely across geographic regions.

According to Teresa Carter, category manager for Reser’s deli salads, “We listen to our consumers in all 50 states and Canada. They tell us that they crave the local and home-made flavors they grew up with. These newest deli salads are proven to be well suited for the east coast palate.

”With 60 years of experience perfecting potato salad recipes and seven manufacturing plants across the United States, Reser’s helps retailers customize their product offerings to satisfy area shoppers’ tendencies.

The typical trends include:

West Coast: Customers enjoy slightly sweet, lighter yellow potato salads with vegetables and garnishes. They are more likely to try upscale, specialty or gourmet items such as red potato or loaded potato salads.  Reser’s Red Potato Salad fits this bill.

Midwest: Folks prefer their potato salad dressing with a sweet tart profile, sometimes with a strong pickle relish and vegetable garnishes. Customers are likely to reach for Reser’s Deviled Egg Potato Salad.

South: Real Southerners like salads with heavily mixed potatoes, bright yellow mustard and sweeter flavor profile.  Reser’s Mustard Potato Salad fits this category.

Southeast: Very sweet, soft, bland, yellow potato salad is preferred in the Southeast with salad dressing or a mayonnaise blend.  Reser’s new Amish Potato Salad satisfies this craving.

Northeast: Simple rules in the Northeast. White diced or sliced potato with a bland mayonnaise based dressing and very little color without added vegetables or eggs. Reser’s Homestyle Potato Salad wins fans at the picnic table every time.

About Reser’s
Headquartered in Beaverton (Portland), Oregon, Reser’s products are produced in a network of 12 production and distribution facilities across the country. The company’s leading brands include Reser’s American Classics™ deli salads, Reser’s Sensational Sides™ and Main St. Bistro™ side dishes, Don Pancho® Mexican Foods and Stonemill Kitchens® premium dips. Reser’s remains a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to creating delicious, wholesome meals that nourish family ties and sustain family traditions. For information, visit